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We are offering Build Your Own Ski Workshops via Community Skis. 

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Anybody Can Build Skis: 1 Day Workshop 

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

 What's Included:

 -A complete set of custom skis

 -1 day of hands on instruction and learning 

 -Breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout your stay

 -All required safety wear

 -Hands on: Create your graphics

 -Hands on: Cut, route, taper, ski material

 -Hands on – build and press your skis

 -Introduction to the many aspects of your skis

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis
DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis
DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Does building a custom pair of alpine skis sound like a daunting task to you? Do you get a kick out of creating things with your bare hands? Then a two-day ski building workshop with 333 Skis is for you. While building a pair of custom skis from scratch may seem like a challenge to many, Michael Lish and Kristin Broumas of 333 Skis are setting out to prove that, with a little guidance, anyone is capable. 

Michael and Kristin will guide you through the process of ski construction including material preparation, wet lay of materials and the finish grind. Customers have the option of going completely custom with their ski design specifications or enlisting the expertise of Michael and Kristin, who have 30 years of combined experience constructing skis.

Participants will also learn about the aspects of ski construction including how different techniques provide different characteristics in a ski. Customers are also able to create 100% custom graphics for their new skis, ranging from raw wood and fiberglass to any graphic files which can then be printed on site and added into the ski.

As you work through the steps of ski construction in this very hands-on process, Kristin, a trained chef, will prepare delicious gourmet meals throughout the two-day seminar. Local ingredients are used when possible including native watercress and wild onions. You also have the option of concluding your day with a soak in one of the local mineral hot springs.

"At first, the thought of building your own skis might baffle many people so we made each step small, added a whole lot of fun and designed the best way to get your next set of skis,” said Michael Lish.

Michael and Kristin have been offering ski-building workshops for two seasons with participants coming from as far away as Alaska and Australia. Local participants include Hans Ludwig of Powder Magazine, Eastern Sierra outdoor writer David Page and experienced backcountry skier Davey McCoy.

Workshop pricing starts at $900 and covers all construction materials, graphics and all meals. Small group and family discounts are also available. Lodging options include numerous hotels in the Town of Mammoth Lakes or, for those looking to really connect with the outdoors, camping right at the mobile factory. Please visit www.333Skis.com for more information including testimonials from past workshop participants.

"I don't know, It seems different riding on a pair of boards crafted from your own hand…Soulful! Tribal! Maybe it's more of a connected feeling to the snow and environment around you. It seems that the turns come from somewhere deep within…It feels so good!"
-Chris Lambertson

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