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Client Reviews

Mike Wright tested a set of 333 Skis recently.  He made a film about it. 

Check out his website as well.  Blue Tip Productions

"Michael Lish From 333 skis gave me a pair of his own skis to see if I can break them…. so far so good! I have been rallyin' on them and they are holding up great…. I love the shape of this pair… they absolutely shred powder.. they handle hard pack too… but, they really love powder.  I'm going to sell the k2's, these skis are way more fun." - Mike Wright.

Our ability to digest critical feedback is the basis for improvement of 333 Skis.

Each ski we build is designed to specifically meet one persons performance criteria.  Critical feedback is essential in determining how well we are meeting the criteria.  The feedback, generated through  the in-depth review process, becomes the basis for modifications and improvements.  A few things we have learned from the feedback loop:

  • How to select correct reinforcement packages for key structural points on the ski.
  • Best practices in determining early taper lengths, rocker placement, and section specific flex patterns.
  • How our material package is effecting performance in real time.
  • Adjustments required to further increase product longevity.   

 Custom All Mountain/Carving Skis- Mike F.

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

 Happy New Year, Kristin!

I just got back from a couple of days at Killington and Sugarbush, and couldn't be happier with 333skis.
Wanted to report back and thank both you and Michael Lish for your excellent work.

I purchased Marker Griffon bindings and had a base grind, wax, and edges tuned to 0 degrees.

The conditions at Killington and Sugarbush were highly variable as a result of a fresh dump of snow in the area, wide temperature swings, peak holiday crowds filled with snowboarders, and a bunch of snow-making gear all over the trails.

The 333's turned sooo soooooo so assuredly and consistently, into, through, over, along, every surface contour throughout the 3 days of skiing.  They are sensitive and  responsive to foot pressure applied upon turn initiation. I purposefully dashed into fresh pow-mounds to see if I would get ejected off to one side or the other; but no, the 333's tracked solidly straight through.

I feel like the tip rocker is providing a very forgiving flex for turning and terrain variation, and that's a big help to my modest skill level.
Yet, at the same time, once the speed picks up and you start leaning hard on them, there's a really solid "rails" feeling of strength and sturdiness.

During food breaks, I would compare the weight and thickness of the 333's to similar-sized Volkl's, Atomic's, Solomon's, and Rossignol's along the ski racks. I was surprised to see that the 333's were slimmer and lighter than most big-brand skis, but provided such a solid ride.

There's still so much more to discover about the skis' performance and what I can learn to do with them.
The best part is they're mine and I want nothing more than to hoist them on my shoulder and run off to any snow-covered hill I can find.

To health and happiness in 2012.


Mike F.

Custom Hardpack/Carving Skis- Jimmy B.

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

I had an opportunity to ski my new skis yesterday, so here's a full review:

This was my second pair from 333 Skis, or third if you count my wife's. 333 Skis have improved their processes and shipping to the point that I cannot find a flaw anywhere in the companyor their products!

This latest pair was designed to be an ice carving ski, and it delivers! With the rocker revolution I couldn't find many skis on the market designed for ice, excluding race skis, and I wanted something closer to my style. At 114-72-102 and significant camber, 333 Skis was able to produce exactly what I was looking for. I took them out for a trial run yesterday, in mixed slush and ice, and was amazed. Stable and nimble at high speeds in both slush and ice, the edge held fast to the slickest ice without any sliding.

Hands down, 333 Skis is the best place for advanced skiers to get top end gear, customized for their body and their skiing style, at a fraction of what intermediate level equipment costs in the store.

- Jimmy B.

Custom All Mountain Backcountry Skis- Terrance N.
DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

First Observations winter of 11-12:  My first day on my new skis. They are so cool and very light. I loved the way I could smear the turns! I am really looking forward to the coming winter. I really appreciate your work and how you work.

- Terrance N.

Custom All Mountain Skis- Ross W.

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

This ski was described as Michael to be a Mammoth all-mountain ski built for pow/crud, but “fully capable of hard driving carve On Piste groomers.”   After a 20 minute consultation with Michael, I believed that the ski would perform well in the pow/crud, but had some doubts about it being able to carve on piste:  I was glad to be proven wrong…very wrong, in fact.

This ski delivers as promised! I was truly amazed how well it carved high speed groomers, and off piste…Are you kidding  me?!   This ski is in a different league – it floats very nicely in the pow, punches through crud like a machine, and is light and maneuverable enough to throw around in the tightest chutes, but still stable at high speeds.   I can’t speak highly enough of this ski – it will be my go to ski anytime there is a little of the soft stuff somewhere on the mountain.

- Ross W.


Custom All Mountain Skis- Sandy K.

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Hi Kristin and Michael,

I just wanted you to know that I got my skis last weekend and loved them.  When I first saw you, I said that as a senior, I wanted a ski that did all the work for me.  You succeeded.   I found the 333 skis very easy to maneuver in all the varities of snow that Mammoth provides.  From the worst crud to the lovely groomed slopes to the difficult Cornice, I found your ski to be the easiest best responding ski I have used.  Thank you for the time and effort you put into making my skiing experience so great.  

- Sandy K. 

Custom All Mountain AT Skis - David M. 

Let me say first off, THESE ARE THE SICKEST SET OF PLANKS I HAVE EVER BEHELD!  The bodacity of these skis is in comprehendible!  They are the perfect skis for me.  Just the right amount of rocker and camber, the perfect length, they are all around AWESOME!  At first I was really surprised by how light they are for a ski of that size.  I can't express how much I LOVE these skis. I will send some pics when the lift opens and tell you how they perform.  Once again, thank you so much!

I have had the chance to ski a few times this season so far.  I'm loving the skis.  They perform great on all kinds of terrain. The first few times up it was not icy but everything was groomed.  They performed good on that and were fun skiing even though I don't really prefer groomed runs.  A few weeks into the season we got a few good dumps and I got to try out some powder.  They perform great in that.  They are very easy turners even in deep deep pow.  One day we got a few inches but I decided to stay in the trees that day.  They were AWESOME! I have never been a huge fan of tree skiing, but that day, I loved it!  This is because they are such quick turners.  They are very maneuverable even in tight spaces.  I always used to be a little skeptical on early taper whether it actually made a difference or not, but I'm a total believer now.  I have also had the chance to try them in crud, over moguls (did i spell that wrong?), and icy snow.  On the crud, they weren't the best, but crud is never fun.  Moguls like trees I have never really liked because you have to turn quick and it burns your leg, but this time I loved it.  Of course skiing the icy snow sucked, it always does.  Last friday I got my first big big air jump of the season.  I was totally not expecting to get as much air as I did, but I landed about a 18 foot drop quite nicely.  There was plenty of powder on my landing also.  I skinned up three times before the season started, and my skis were fine most the time.  Because of the rocker, in the very steepest places I started to slip a bit, but other than that they were fine.  I'm totally loving the skis.  I can't thank you guys enough. Also the picture is of me and my friend the first day we skinned up this season.  It doesn't actually have me riding but it's the only one so far of me on the hill.

 -David M.

Custom Mogul Skis- Richard M. 

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis
Flamingo here.
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but I’ve been too busy skiing my 333 skis.
I thank you so much—-you went above and beyond the call of duty !!!!
Now that I have 3 pair to ski I will be set for a while.
When I am ready for another pair I will let you know.
Meantime, I will keep up my weekly visit to your website to keep abreast of what is going on with you guys.
Love you guys—and remember—KEEP –ON- KEPPIN’-ON.

-Richard M. 

Custom Backcountry Powder Skis- Karl K. 

Well Kristin let me tell you what I think of my skis, After receiving them this past November they have been my go to ski. I mounted them up for my G3 Onyx bindings and have spent at least 30 days on them so far this season both in and off piste. So far all I can say is: I LOVE THEM!

They carve groomers (unlike a lot of big skis), float great and plane-out in deep pow (112 underfoot), smear pillows and wind-lips, snap from mogul to mogul (moderate camber), charge the crud and manage the breakable crust (thanks to the rockered tips), and they can survive those hidden thirty footers! Not much else to say about there performance, they do what I want them to when I need them to. I must be a genius ski designer! The only thing I would have as a complaint would be the lack-luster durability of the wood veneer (I think a thin sheet of clear p-tex or other plastic would safeguard my cosmetic investment quite well). The other materials used in construction however, bomber!

Mounting them was a bit of a mystery too because there were no mounting lines, fortunately I guessed good enough. The ordering process couldn't any less easy or convenient. I am steadfastly trumpeting the merits of your product all across the San Juans, to anyone who will listen! Oddly enough, I often get most complements and questions from people who own custom skis from another local establishment here in Silverton…

Bottom line- they have become my favorite ski, and I have a lot of skis. What an incredible product, I mean who doesn't want there own Pro Model? Because that is what you will get! I hope I get to do more business with 333 in the future.

One warning to prospective customers, your skis may inflate your ego a bit (or a lot)!

Yours Simplistically, 

-Karl 'Core-shot' K.


Custom Powder Skis- Havard M.

Holy mother of all!

Got to try my new skis out yesterday, local lift, backcountry/woods, two feet of good snow. I'm stunned. Speechless for once. Nearly cryin'.  In short: Haven't had this much fun on skis since WWII, or something like that.  BIG smile!  If I were to sum this ski up in just one word, it would be "nimble"  Super fast from edge to edge, enough flotation even in the deep, razor carves on the groomers (just to get back to the lift, of course ;) )  Praise the ones who deserves your praise!

That's what I'll do!  Bragging in the liftline is so much fun! And boy do them skis lift an eyebrow or two!  Got two more days on the skis – faboulus. Deep, crusty or ice – Who cares what snow it is, as long as your tools cope in all conditions? Looking really forward to take them skinning to reach some gnarly mountainsides!

I'm hoping to be able to order three more pairs from you this spring – for my two girls (8 and 10) and a pair of big floaters for me. Time will tell!

Wish you all the best for the winter – you make my life richer and my skiing better!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Kristin and Michael !!

I'll be back.


-Havard M

Custom Tele Mogul Skis- Adam G. 

Things are grand here in Breckenridge, sittin just shy of 300 inches for the season which isn’t too shabby for Jan 23. I got the skis mid November and had them mounted immediately with hammer heads. I also got some new boots for the season, t races which, in case you don’t know are wicked stiff.

The most common comment I get on the skis is "wow, those are pretty skinny…". Of course they are I say, I had them made for moguls, little sidecut, shortish for me, light, flexy, a little early rise in the tip and tail. And like I hoped going into this, they f-ing rule in the moguls, the blue moguls on crescendo, the super steep moguls under e chair, the perfectest of perfect moguls under powerline lift at vail. More than a few times after a particularly fun pitch ive said aloud to no one but myself, "I love these skis". And I love them all over the mountain too, anywhere off of t-bar or imperial in most conditions. The early rise tip is very helpful. And i really like rippin around on skinnies, tis good practice for rippin in general. so thanks.

Thanks again.

  - Adam G. 

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