333 Skis

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Custom Graphic Options 

333 skis come standard with a raw aesthetic.  The form and materials used in the construction of your skis creates the "non graphics".  There is no topskin- Just a finish gloss. 

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Below are other graphic options.

Flowers & Leaves- FREE

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

We love flowers- we'll add some to your skis at no charge if you would like.

Solid Wood Veneer

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Wood Veneer add a classic look to your skis.  We use a light colored wood species with a straight grain pattern.

Skyline Wood Veneer

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

If you have a favorite mountain range, or skyline, just pencil it out the length of your ski.  We will then cut two different colored wood veneers matching your line.  The result is pretty spectacular.  On the skis shown here, you can see three sisters, el cap, and half dome.  Iconic silhouettes from Yosemite. 

Carbon Topside Only

DIY Build Your Own Custom Carbon Skis

Carbon fiber in a twill weave is applied on the topside, for a sleek, technical, all black look. These skis are slightly lighter due to the carbon skin. For a ultra light weight skis, please select the full carbon upgrade. Both options have the same topside, high tech carbon finish. 


DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

If you ski a particular range, fly a route thats dear to you, sail along a beloved stretch of coast line, then send us the maps you use. They're inlaid under a 2 ounce vail of protective fiberglass. These skis look insane. 

Personal Logos, Text, and/or Beer Can Labels

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Send us a jpeg of your company logo, clip art, quote, etc.  We'll print it out and apply to your skis.  Just let us know where you want it placed.  You can also cut out the logo off your favorite beer can. 

Fully Custom Printed Graphics

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Full length, gallery quality high resolution images.  Use a favorite picture, a JPEG of classical art or work with a graphic designer and create the ultimate in custom graphics. We offer in-house services, at no additional charge to ensure your design works seemlessly on your custom skis.

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