333 Skis

Performance Upgrades


DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

OVERVIEW:  These skis are designed for maximum torsional rigidity.  This means you can carve deeper, harder, and faster without washing out.

WHY YOU WANT IT:  Increasing torsional rigidity without adversely effecting longitudinal flex, means you can trick the skis for deep pow conditions and intense carving. 


DIY Build Your Own Custom Swallow Tail Skis

OVERVIEW: By cutting out the mass on the tail end of the ski, the in snow ski geometry allows the tail to drop in pow.  This means you can charge, or drive your body forward of centerline without diving the tips.  Each tail is triple wrapped for increased torsional rigidity for deeper carves.

WHY YOU WANT IT:  On hardpack these skis carve, freaky.  In the powder they are nimble, predictable, and fun.  Lastly, they look super sick. 


DIY Build Your Own Custom Keyhole Skis

OVERVIEW: Key hole allows crud to punch through the tip.  This means less deflection and a more stable ride at high speeds.

WHY YOU WANT IT: You can ski faster in crud and everybody is going to ask you about it. 


DIY Build Your Own Custom Large Tip Hole Skis
OVERVIEW: Primarily for backcountry skis, large hole allows you to grap the tips of your skis and whip them into place on technical terrain. You can also stap your pole through the hole to keep the ski in place when entering your binding.  

WHY YOU WANT IT: It makes maneuvering your ski easier and binding mount safer when the terrain is looking nasty. Oh yeah...they look cool. 


DIY Build Your Own Rescue Tip Hole Custom Skis
OVERVIEW: Allows you to tether your skis together and make an efficient rescue sled in the backcountry.  

WHY YOU WANT IT: It is better than carrying your buddy on your back in deep snow. Might be the best 15 bucks you ever spent. 


DIY Build Your Own Custom Tail Notch Skis
OVERVIEW: When using skins in the backcountry, the notch keeps the tail crimp on the skin dead center, no slippage.  

WHY YOU WANT IT: Convenience. 

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