333 Skis


We stand 100% behind our product.  

In the event there's a problem you can expect us to go to great lengths to resolve the issue.

I understand my 333 custom ski design, 333 custom split snowboard, 333 stock skis or 333 directional stock split snowboards may fail to meet any or all performance criteria, either stated or implied by 333 Skis, or myself. I understand that there will be no refunds nor replacement of the said products under any condition except for the following:

It is possible during the manufacturing and handling of my skis or split snowboard, by 333 Skis, a defect or problem may arise. Although this is unlikely, should this occur, and only if the skis or split snowboards, on snow performance is significantly compromised, the skis or split snowboards will be covered by warranty for a one year period from date skis were shipped.  To determine if the skis have a manufactured defect that is covered by warranty, I will ship the skis or split snowboard back to 333 Skis at my own expense.  333 Skis will determine if the skis or split snowboard are covered by warranty. If so and at 333 Skis discretion, 333 Skis will opt to do one of the following; repair the skis or split snowboard, replace the skis or split snowboard (replacement skis or snowboards will be void of graphics, unless other arrangements are agreed upon by myself and 333 Skis), or provide a refund for the cost of the skis or split snowboard.  Refunds are for the cost of the skis or snowboard only, and do not include shipping costs or any costs associated with graphics. Repairs, replacement skis or split snowboard, and or a refund may take up to ninety days to complete from the date my skis or snowboards are received by 333 Skis.

I assume all responsibility for injuries including personal and to others, damage to property, that may arise in the use of the skis or split snowboard that I order and or receive from 333 skis.

I understand that the technology, methodology, and or process used in the manufacturing of the said skis or split snowboard is based in large part on human interaction.  As such, it is possible that cosmetic aberrations may occur from ski to ski.  This may include but is not limited to, sanding marks on graphics, un-smooth surfaces.  It is also possible there will be slight variation, from one ski or split snowboard to the other.  This may include but is not limited to, length of ski or split snowboard, height of camber, rise of rocker, sidecut, tip and tail profiles, graphic placement.  I understand that these aberrations and slight variations are not covered by warranty.

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