333 Skis - Fully Custom Skis


By stripping away what is unnecessary in delivering high value, low cost, custom skis to our clients, 333 has some of the best margins per unit sold in the industry.  This, along with zero debt associated with the business, 333 has the freedom to innovate, persue an in-depth apprenticeship program, constantly improve the manufacturing process, and focus on a value rich experience with our client base.  

We are committed to innovative thinking, education, and sustainability.

3 Basic Prices: 

*Basic prices are for skis with a raw aesthetic.   Surcharges apply for graphics, upgrades in materials, and certain design options.  Surcharges are clearly marked on the spec sheet and are listed below.


The Classic Series

Length: 130cm - 184cm

Underfoot: 74mm - 108mm



 The Classic Plus Series

Length:  Longer than 184cm


Underfoot:  Wider than 108mm 


The Gun Series 

Length:  Longer than 184cm


Underfoot:  Wider than 108mm  

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